Remote Access Manager

The Remote Access Manager feature enables you to grant support personnel access to customer arrays and also perform remote support actions simultaneously on multiple systems with Primera and HPE 3PAR and HPE SSMC. The feature is available from SSMC 3.7.

The feature enables you to:
  • Apply Remote Configuration settings to a group of storage systems.
  • If Allow remote access to HPE Support is selected as Request Access in Remote Support Configuration screen, then SSMC generates an alert. The alert includes the option to Grant or Deny the remote access permission to the support personnel.
  • Display the pending request access on the left side of the screen.
  • In a scenario where the access is granted, the dialog shows that the session is open and an option is available to close the session.
  • Send email to an SSMC user with respect to the permission access and session termination.
  • Capture audit logs (event log) for storage systems.
  • Support Call Home and Policy Manger functionality with HPE Storage OS 3.3.1(MU2 and above) and HPE Storage OS 3.2.2(MU 4 and above) using SP 5.0.6. Also supported on HPE Primera arrays with OS 4.0.
  • To use Remote Access Manager feature on HPE 3PAR arrays, you must add Service Processor 5.0.6 or later in SSMC by navigating to Add Service Processor (SSMC > Systems > Actions > Add Service Processor).

The date and time shown in the alert message indicates the date and time at which SSMC generated the alert. However, the time shown in the alert message can be different from the time at which the remote access request was made.