Federation and Migration Configurations

HPE 3PAR Storage federations provide features for non-disruptively migrating hosts, host sets, virtual volumes, virtual volume sets, and Remote Copy groups between storage systems. You can use HPE SSMC to create and manage storage federations that include federated storage systems and migration-source storage systems.

A federated storage system has federation features that are installed as part of certain versions of HPE Storage OS and also has an HPE 3PAR Peer Motion software license. A migration-source storage system is not federation capable. Typically this is a legacy 3PAR storage system, or a third party storage system, that is not being managed by the instance of HPE SSMC.

HPE SSMC storage federation high-level concepts:

  • Caution: Managing a storage federation with more than one instance of HPE SSMC is not supported.

  • An instance of HPE SSMC can manage multiple storage federations, subject to the storage system limit per HPE SSMC instance.

  • A storage federation can include up to eight storage systems.

  • A storage federation must include at least one federation-capable storage system and can include up to four federation-capable storage systems.

  • The number of legacy migration-source storage systems in a storage federation counts against the storage system total for the federation.

  • Storage system configuration settings and resources can be copied to storage federations.