Threshold alerts and templates overview

Threshold alert templates allow you to quickly create alerts that help identify performance issues on a storage system. Many threshold alert templates provide default metrics and values; however, you can also change the metrics and values when you create the alert. Threshold alert templates are available only for storage systems that have the required System Reporter license.

Threshold alert templates

Threshold alert operators

Threshold alerts and templates use the following operators:

Symbol Operator


Less than


Less than or equal


Greater than


Greater than or equal




Not equal

Alert on object count setting

When Alert on object count is disabled, an alert is generated for each object that meets the conditions. When the Alert on object count is enabled, a single alert is generated when the specified number of objects meets the conditions.

For example, assume that an Exported Volumes threshold alert has a metric of Average Busy greater than 50%, and the storage system has 24 virtual volumes that meet the criteria.

If the Alert on object count is disabled, there would be 24 separate alerts.

If the Alert on object count is enabled and the count is set to 10, there would be a single alert, indicating that 10 or more virtual volumes have meet the criteria.

If the Suspend repeat alerts is enabled and the time is set to 24 minutes or hours or days, repeat alerts are not generated during the selected suspension time period.