Scheduled report files and email

  • When HPE SSMC runs a historical report on a schedule, copies of each report are saved and links to the reports are added to the Schedules detail view on the Reports screen.

  • By default, scheduled reports are saved in PDF and CSV formats for seven days. You can use the Settings screen to change whether either file type is saved and to change the report file retention time.

  • The default report files location is:/opt/hpe/ssmc/ssmcbase/data/persist/scheduledreports

  • Rather than saving report files on the HPE SSMC server, you can use the Settings screen to specify a shared directory for saving them. If the shared directory becomes inaccessible, the report files are saved in the default location on the HPE SSMC server.


    To configure the shared directory path, create the directory under /home/ssmcadmin. The SSMC administrator has to provide appropriate permission to the new directory path: chmod 777 /home/ssmcadmin/DirectoryName. Directory name refers to the new directory that is created by the administrator.

Scheduled reports email

The HPE SSMC server can be configured to automatically send scheduled reports by email to the recipients that you specify. When you create or edit a scheduled report, specify whether to email the report to the configured recipients.

Tip: Email server settings, from address, and email recipients are specified on the Settings screen.