Smart SAN software

HPE 3PAR Smart SAN software provides features that allow HPE 3PAR Storage systems to communicate with HPE switches to automatically create zoning.

The feature is installed on storage systems as part of the HPE Storage OS but require an HPE 3PAR Smart SAN software license to use. For information about HPE 3PAR Storage platform support, see the HPE SSMC Administrator Guide.

HPE 3PAR Smart SAN software is also embedded in certain HPE switches. An HPE 3PAR Storage system determines whether an attached switch supports the HPE 3PAR Smart SAN features.

Target Driven Peer Zoning (TDPZ) is the feature in HPE 3PAR Smart SAN that performs automatic zoning. Peer zones are managed through storage system ports. Each peer zone contains a single target port with multiple initiator peer port members. The target port that creates a peer zone is the principal member of the zone. Only a principal member can create, add or remove members, and delete the peer zone.


Automatic creation of TPDZ zones occurs when you create a host with Smart SAN support on an HPE 3PAR storage system. However if a peer zone with the same name exists on the storage system, the create host operation occurs, but the zone creation fails. The failure of the peer zone creation generates an alert.