Creating scheduled tasks

For each of the following actions, there is an option on the dialog to create a scheduled task:

  • Compact CPG

  • Create Antivirus Scan (File Persona)

  • Create File Snapshot (File Persona)

  • Create Report (System Reporter, historical report type)

  • Create Snapshot (individual virtual volumes)

  • Create Snapshot (virtual volume sets)

  • Create Threshold Alert (System Reporter)

  • Reclaim File Snapshot Space (File Persona)

  • Schedule (Adaptive Optimization)

When you create a scheduled task for an action, specify a schedule pattern (recurrence) in the dialog. The schedule pattern controls the frequency/recurrence of snapshots creation which automatically creates a scheduled user task that appears in the Schedules screen.

The name of the scheduled task is derived by joining the name of the policy and the virtual volume for which the you schedule the snapshot. For example, the scheduled task name is test_fpg_snap_hourfpg01, if the:
  • Policy name is test_fpg_snap_hour and,

  • Virtual volume name is fpg01.

Learn more: Specifying schedule patterns.