Protection policy

HPE Recovery Manager Central 4.1 introduces the concept of protection policies which provide a policy-based management of data protection. A protection policy is a specified collection of attributes that define target system, the protocol, retention, and expiration for the data to be protected. A protection policy defines how and where the data is protected. Protection policy can be associated with different virtual volumes along with a schedule which defines when the data has to be protected. HPE RMC allows the following three levels of protection that can be defined within a protection policy:
  • Snapshot set policy

  • Backup policy

  • Copy policy (Catalyst Copy)


HPE SSMC 3.3 and later supports integrated data protection through HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC), which provides an end-to-end solution to provision and manage HPE 3PAR. The feature also allows you to set up data protection policies and back up data to a cloud platform using HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank.

If you have a Cloud Bank store as the backup for your Copy policy, the following options on the Policies screen display Yes for a Protection policy:
  • Backup cloud bank store

  • Copy cloud bank store

The Protection policy feature supports the integration of volume provisioning workflows available in HPE SSMC. You can also set up a data protection policy on the virtual volume which is configured on Recovery Manager Central (RMC) by the user. The feature also enables setting up a protection policy on an existing volume from HPE SSMC and performs complete life-cycle management of restore points.

  • You can edit a protection policy only from Recovery Manager Central with the HPE RMC 6.0 release.

  • You cannot assign more than one protection policy from the same HPE RMC 6.0 instance to a virtual volume. Multiple policies from different HPE RMC instances are allowed.

You can add HPE RMC instances into HPE SSMC as part of its external application integration framework. User can perform the following tasks from HPE SSMC upon adding the RMC instances:
  • List HPE RMC applications in the RMC Instances menu item. Perform Add, Edit, and Remove of the HPE RMC application.

  • List the protection policies configured for each HPE RMC application in Block Persona > Policies screen.

  • Set up protection policies while provisioning a virtual volume through the Block Persona > Virtual Volumes > Create dialog.

  • Set up and modify protection policies and schedules for existing virtual volumes through Block Persona > Virtual Volumes > Edit dialog.


    The schedule details are included in the Protection policy with the HPE RMC 6.0 release.

  • View the Protection policies associated with a virtual volume in Block Persona > Virtual Volumes > Overview > Copies screen.

  • View restore points created by the Protection policies for a specified virtual volume in Data Protection > Restore Points screen.

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