Peer Persistence overview

HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence software provides the switchover and automatic failover features on HPE 3PAR Storage systems that are in a Remote Copy configuration.

The features are installed on storage systems as part of the HPE Storage OS but require an HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence software license to use. For information about HPE 3PAR Storage platform support, see the HPE SSMC Administrator Guide.

Peer Persistence supports Remote Copy replication at sites that are at metropolitan distances from each other. A peer relationship is established between source and backup storage systems that allows hosts and host applications to remain online during a switchover or automatic failover.

Peer Persistence switchover

The Peer Persistence switchover operation manually redirects host I/O with a storage system at one site to a storage system at another site, and reverses the direction of data replication between the sites.

Peer Persistence failover

The Peer Persistence failover operation automatically redirects host I/O with a failed storage system to another storage system in a manner that is transparent to hosts and host applications.

Peer Persistence quorum witness

Peer Persistence failover uses HPE 3PAR Quorum Witness software to monitor for conditions that trigger the automatic failover. The quorum witness server is typically installed at a third site that would not be impacted by failure of the source or backup sites, and connects to the source and backup storage systems using non-remote-copy links. The site and link independence allows the quorum witness server to determine failures of the source and backup storage systems and sites and failures of inter-site links.

You can use HPE SSMC to perform several Peer Persistence tasks. Learn more: Data Protection screens, views, and actions summary.