Peer Motion overview

HPE 3PAR Peer Motion software provides host and virtual volume migration features on HPE 3PAR Storage systems, and in HPE 3PAR storage federations.

These features are installed as part of certain versions of HPE Storage OS but require an HPE 3PAR Peer Motion software license to use. For information regarding HPE 3PAR Storage platform support and network interface card requirements, see the HPE SSMC Administrator Guide.

You can use HPE SSMC to perform Peer Motion online, non-disruptive migration of hosts, host sets, virtual volumes, and virtual volume sets between storage systems that are in a storage federation. Learn more: Federation and Migration Configurations.

HPE 3PAR Peer Motion high-level concepts:

  • Support for Peer Motion migrations of hosts depends on the host persona.

  • During Peer Motion migrations, host I/O requests to exported virtual volumes are non-disruptively serviced.

  • To migrate a virtual volume that is a member of a Remote Copy group, the Remote Copy group must be migrated.

  • HPE 3PAR Storage federations require that each member storage system have an HPE 3PAR Peer Motion license.