HPE InfoSight alerts

Configure HPE SSMC and make sure that the storage systems are registered in HPE InfoSight to gather the InfoSight alerts in HPE SSMC.

When you enable connectivity to HPE InfoSight in HPE SSMC:
  • Relevant notifications and alerts from HPE InfoSight are gathered in HPE SSMC.

  • The alerts and notifications are displayed along with other alerts and notifications for the respective HPE 3PAR storage system.

HPE InfoSight applies analytic/machine learning methods to detect known issue patterns on the uploaded call home data that might occur in future. The alert about a potential issue may help to prevent data unavailability issues that might occur if left undetected.

The HPE InfoSight alerts are gathered and displayed in the Activity view of the Systems screen. An option is added to filter the InfoSight alerts.


To receive the InfoSight alerts, add the storage systems that are managed by HPE SSMC in HPE InfoSight.

Learn more: Enable connectivity to HPE InfoSight.