General screens, views, and actions summary

This topic summarizes the Views and Action menus that you can use to perform tasks from the General screens.

Tip: Some actions might not be available due to system configurations, user roles, or properties of the selected resource.

Activity screen

  • List pane view: single view

  • Detail pane views: not applicable

  • Actions menu (alerts): Mark as new, Mark as fixed, Acknowledge, Delete

  • Actions menu (tasks): Delete, Stop, Pause, Resume

Dashboard screen

  • Standard panels: Storage Systems, Performance, Total Capacity, Allocated Capacity, Capacity Efficiency, Device Type Capacity, Historical Capacity

  • Actions (): Add panels, Create dashboard, Create copy of dashboard, Edit dashboard, Delete dashboards, Manage dashboards

Schedules screen

  • List pane standard views: compact view and Schedules

  • Detail pane views: Overview, Activity

  • Actions menu: Delete, Resume, Suspend, Edit

Settings screen

  • List pane views: not applicable

  • Detail pane views: not applicable

  • Actions menu: not applicable