File provisioning groups

File Persona file provisioning groups are logical containers on a storage system that hold the virtual file servers. Each file provisioning group holds one virtual file server and can be thought of as providing the File Persona file system resources on a storage system.

Properties and settings for file provisioning groups include storage allocation and controller node pair. The storage allocation settings specify the common provisioning group in which the file provisioning group is located. The controller node pair specifies the primary and alternative controller nodes on which the File Provisioning Group runs.

HPE SSMC automatically creates file provisioning groups when you create virtual file servers that require a new file provisioning group. You can also directly create file provisioning groups and edit file provisioning group properties and settings. Learn more: Creating, editing, and deleting file provisioning groups.

Disaster recovery management is extended to file provisioning from File Persona 1.5 and later. You can perform failover, recover, and restore operation on the file provisioning groups. The actions are similar in Remote Copy group and FPGs (File Provisioning groups) other than the FPG being:
  • Unmounted on the source storage system.

  • Mounted on the target storage system.

Thus enabling the recovery of files from the source to target storage system with one operation.
The restore operation performs the following:
  • Unmounting of FPG from target storage system.

  • Restores the Remote Copy group.

  • Mounts the FPG on the source storage system.

You can have access to the files either on the target or source storage system with minimum downtime.
HPE SSMC also provides actions for managing:
  • File provisioning groups

  • Snapshot space reclamation

  • File Persona controller node pair

Learn more: Managing File Persona controller nodes, Reclaiming file snapshot space .