Encrypting stored data

On storage systems that support HPE 3PAR Data-at-rest encryption, you can enable the encryption features, export the authorization key backup file, restore an authorization key backup file, and rekey the encryption.

Learn more: Data-at-rest encryption overview.

Important: Hewlett Packard Enterprise strongly recommends that you use the HPE SSMC Export backup file action to create a backup file of the authentication key and save it externally from the storage system. The default backup file name is recovery.dar.

Tip: In environments with multiple storage systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you assign unique file names that can be associated with each encrypted storage system.

  1. On the main menu, select Storage Systems > Systems.
  2. On the list pane, select the storage system, and then select Enable encryption, Export backup file, Restore backup file, or Rekey encryption as appropriate on the Actions menu.
  3. Follow the instructions on the dialog that opens.