Enable connectivity to HPE InfoSight

HPE InfoSight is a predictive analytics platform that enables you to predict and prevent infrastructure issues before they occur. When HPE InfoSight connectivity is enabled for HPE SSMC, you can view and receive notifications (alerts) that are relevant to the storage systems that HPE SSMC manages.

Navigate to https://infosight.hpe.com/ and click Create Account, or login with your existing HPE Passport user account and follow the prompts to register the storage systems.

To gather alerts for a particular storage system from HPE InfoSight, you must:
  • Add and configure the storage system in HPE SSMC.

  • Register your storage systems in HPE InfoSight.

  • Provide your HPE Passport user account credentials in HPE SSMC.

To register your storage system in HPE InfoSight, see Adding a system (available under Performing Storage System Tasks) in HPE 3PAR Service Processor Software User Guide.

If your HPE 3PAR storage system is already registered in HPE InfoSight, you can continue to the steps to add your HPE Passport user account in HPE SSMC.


Ensure the following to enable connectivity to HPE InfoSight:
  1. Configure the proxy settings (web-proxy address and port details).


    The configured proxy must support TLS V1.2 protocol.

  2. Configure HPE InfoSight to assign the correct permissions to the InfoSight user created.

    The HPE Passport user account must be a member of the system group that has access to the storage system (for which you intend to receive the alerts). You can create different passport accounts for different groups of storage administrators in your organization.

You can enable and disable the Enable connectivity to HPE InfoSight option in the Application panel on the Edit Global Settings dialog of the Settings screen. This option is enabled by default.

You can enter the web proxy address and port details in the Application panel. The web proxy address can be an http or https address, with or without authentication.


If you try to add or modify the HPE InfoSight login credentials when the HPE InfoSight connectivity is disabled, a message to enable the connectivity to HPE InfoSight appears.

Learn more: Changing global settings.