Top Systems By Saturation panel

The Top Systems by Saturation panel lists the top 10 storage systems that are managed by HPE SSMC ranked by their saturation levels. The panel enables you to identify a storage system that is closer to the saturation.

The saturation of a storage system is calculated based on the ratio of the following:
  • Current IOPS and/or throughput measured at 5-minute interval.

  • The preferred IOPS and/or throughput.

The saturation is represented as a percentage value. The preferred IOPS and/or throughput is the optimal value depending on the specific type of system configuration and the workload running on the storage system. The saturation score is a weighted mean of the saturation levels for the storage system over the past 24 hours. The saturation of a single storage system is displayed as a line graph for over the past 24-hours or a selected time period.

In the Saturation chart, the scores are presented as gradient colors which range between green, yellow, and red, where:
  • Green - Storage system with saturation below 50%.

  • Yellow - Storage system with saturation between 50% to 70%.

  • Red - Storage system with the saturation above 70%.


The other colors in the saturation chart visualizes the transition from higher saturation to lower transition scores.

Learn more: ../general/saturation_chart_about.html