Correlation view for Topology components

A new window is opened for the Correlation view in the Topology view. The Correlation view displays all the objects visible in the Topology view. The purpose of the Correlation window is to see the trend of a performance aspect over time, effortlessly and to correlate the performance trends across storage and virtualization entities.

In the Correlation window, you can select any of the Topology components using the Select Objects option. The object appears in the following format: Topology component, component name, and the metric type. For example, the storage component has three metrics: Allocated capacity, CPU usage, and Saturation. The name of the object in the Correlation window appears as System : <system name> : Allocated capacity. Here, System is the Topology component, <system name> is the component name, and Allocated Capacity is the metric type.

Following are the limitations in the Correlation window:
  • You can select up to a duration of seven days at a time within the last one year. For duration beyond the last week, the data is shown for the storage side, if available.

  • You can select up to five charts at a time.

By default, the selected time period can either be more or less than an hour relative to the time selected on the topology slider.

You can open the Correlation window using either of the following methods:
  • Click a VV with unexplained high latency bulb icon against VV (Exported) latency.

  • Click the Display charts in a new window icon ().