Advanced Analytics (System Reporter)

The Advanced Analytics screen in System Reporter displays charts for:

  • Saturation: Displays the changes in the level of saturation over time. This includes the periods when the level of system saturation may have contributed to performance issues.

  • Latency: Indicates the read and write latency of a storage system for a selected time period. Markers appear in the 24-hour hi-res view on peaks in the latency graph for the known factors contributing to the latency spike. Hovering over the marker displays the top System and Workload factors. On a click of these markers, the corresponding graph for these factors over the same time period appears.

    The factors reported for latency peaks are arrived by determining what correlates with the rise in latency values during a specific time period. This does not necessarily indicate that the factors reported are causing the increase in latency. This information provides an idea of what workload or system factors might have changed in a way similar to how the latency also changed.

  • Throughput: Displays the read and write throughput at 5-minute intervals in a bar graph. The graph is color coded by read and write performance scores.

  • Workload outliers: Highlights the host outliers over selected periods of time.


If you configure System Reporter to view the samples at a frequency of less than five minutes, then there is a gap in the data measured in the samples. In this case, some of the data observations have a difference of less than 5 minutes and the others are five minutes apart.

Learn more: Workload outliers, Latency, Factors.