Adaptive Optimization overview

HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization software provides features for increasing the performance and cost effectiveness of HPE 3PAR Storage systems.

These features are installed as part of the HPE Storage OS but require an HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization software license to use. For information about HPE 3PAR Storage platform support, see the HPE SSMC Administrator Guide.

Adaptive Optimization can:

  • Improve performance by moving frequently accessed data from low-performance storage to high-performance storage.

  • Improve cost-effectiveness by moving less frequently accessed data from high-performance (higher-cost) storage to low-performance (lower-cost) storage.

  • Balance performance and cost effectiveness.

Multiple user-defined Adaptive Optimization configurations can be created on a storage system with each configuration specifying two or three storage tiers. Learn more: Adaptive Optimization storage tiers.

When an Adaptive Optimization configuration is run, the access rates for the physical drives in each storage tier are analyzed and, if specified, the stored data is automatically moved between the tiers, based on the optimization mode. Learn more: Adaptive Optimization modes.

You can use HPE SSMC to perform many Adaptive Optimization tasks. Learn more: Storage Optimization screens, views, and actions summary.