Promoting snapshot (Virtual Volume Set)

Promoting snapshot on a Virtual Volume set which has snapshots, overwrites the data on the parent/base virtual volume with the snapshot data. The data on the base virtual volumes changes. The Virtual Volume set and the members of the Virtual Volume set remain intact.


If the virtual volume set does not contain snapshots, you cannot perform the Promote snapshot action on the virtual volume set.

Caution: Promoting a snapshot overwrites the data on the base virtual volume with the data from the snapshot. Learn more: Snapshots (virtual copies).

  1. On the main menu, select Block Persona > Virtual Volume Sets.
  2. In the list pane, select the virtual volume set, and then select Promote snapshot on the Actions menu.

    The Promote snapshot dialog opens.

  3. Select your choices for the required settings:
    Time Stamp

    Displays the time stamp of the virtual volume set snapshots. If you have created multiple snapshots of the virtual volume set, select the required timestamp.

    You can filter the list by entering text in the Search box. When filtered, the list shows only the items that contain the search text.

    Virtual volumes

    Displays the name of snapshots and their corresponding base volumes in a tabular format.

  4. Click Promote to start the action and close the dialog. If you are not sure that the virtual volume set has to be promoted, click Cancel.

Learn more: Snapshots (virtual copies).