Working with Performance Contention Map

  1. Click the main menu and then VMware > Virtual Machines.

    Virtual Machines window appears.

  2. Select Topology from the View menu.

    Topology window appears with time slider and other topology components.

  3. Click from the wanted topology component (Datastore, Host, and System) to open the corresponding Performance Correlation Map.

    Performance Contention Map for the selected component appears.

    Perform the following on the Performance Contention Map window as required:

    1. Modify the Start time and End time to be within a range of 24 hours.
    2. Select Average (default option) or Maximum as the latency aggregation.
    3. Select Amount of data transfer or Total I/O (default option) as the metrics.
    4. Click Apply to display the relevant information in the Performance Contention Map window.
    5. Click any data store listed in the Performance Contention Map to load the corresponding virtual machine Performance Contention Map.