Downloading package (for updating HPE Storage OS)

To download an update package on a storage system, do the following:


Enable the Allow software downloads option in the remote support configuration panel from the Edit dialog. You can also enable the option from Settings detail view in the systems screen. The option allows the storage system to automatically download and stage an update package when the package is available in HPE InfoSight.

  1. On the main menu, select Storage Systems > Systems > Actions menu > Update HPE Storage OS > Software detail view.

    You can navigate to the Software view from the detail views also.

  2. The Software detail view displays an Available Updates panel along with three other panels.

    The available updates panel displays the state of the updates. For example, whether the update package is staged, downloadable, or install in progress.

  3. Select the update you want and click the download icon () to download update package.

    A Download Package dialog opens.

  4. Click Yes, download package to start the action, or click Cancel if you are not sure about downloading the update.

    The task bar displays the status of the download.