Setting Service Processor Credentials

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.

To set Service Processor credentials for a storage system, do the following:

  1. On the main menu, select Storage Systems > Systems.
  2. In the list pane, select a storage system, and then click Set SP credentials on the Actions menu.

    You can set SP credentials for storage systems that are managed by SP 5.0.5 or later.

    The Set Service Processor Credentials dialog opens.

  3. Enter or select your choices for required and optional settings.
    IP Address

    IP address of the Service Processor you want to configure.


    Username for the Service Processor instance.


    Password for the Service Processor instance.


    Download and paste the trusted CA certificate.

  4. When you have completed your choices, click Add to start the action and close the dialog; otherwise click Cancel.

    After you add the Service Processor instance, the Update or Delete options are available in the Set SP credentials dialog. Click Update to update the Service Processor credentials. Clicking on Delete removes the Service Processor instance configured for the storage system in SSMC.