Re-running update HPE Storage OS

When you run an update and the update fails, you can fix the reason for the failure and rerun the update again.

  1. On the main menu, select Storage Systems > Systems > Update HPE Storage OS in the Actions menu.

    The Software detail view opens.

  2. The Update Overview panel in Software detail view shows when an update fails.
  3. If an update fails, a Re-run option appears next to the state of the update. Check the reason for failure in the failed step details by expanding it. Fix the issue and click Re-run to rerun the update.

    The updates may fail due to warnings also. Fix the cause of warnings and rerun the update.

    A Re-run update HPE Storage OS dialog opens.

  4. If you are sure that you want to rerun the update, click Yes, re-run, otherwise click Cancel.