Checking health

You can check the status of the storage system using the Check health option. The option is run before an OS or firmware update to verify the health of the storage system. You can monitor the task progress in the Activity screen. The check health results are also available in the diagnostics detail pane view.

To trigger check health for the storage system, do the following:

  1. On the main menu, select Storage Systems > Systems.
  2. On the list pane, select the storage system, and then click Check health in the Actions menu.

    The Check Health dialog opens.

  3. Click Check health to trigger the action. The results from the previous check is displayed in the dialog. To run check health again, click the Run again button

    The status bar displays that the action is in progress. After the check health action is complete, the following information appears:


    Name of the storage system.

    Displays the details about the storage system:
    • Release version

    • Patches

    Component Version
    Displays the version if the component:
    • CLI Server

    • System Manager

    • Kernel

    • IO Stack


    Name and summary of the component. Displays the issues found across different components.

  4. When you have completed your check, click Close to close the dialog.