Advanced Analytics screen

To view the tooltips, hover over the charts for the icon to appear and then click.

The screen displays the saturation, latency, throughput, and workload outliers information for a selected storage system in chart format. Select the storage system from the Select system menu. You can select the duration for which you require the information from the Time Period drop-down. There are preset time periods available for selection. You can also set a custom time period for a particular selection. You can select the Granularity as either Default or Hi-res for the charts.

The Advanced Analytics page displays the charts for the following:
  • Saturation - The Saturation chart displays the changes in the saturation level over time. This includes periods when the level of saturation may have contributed to performance issues.

  • Latency - The Latency chart displays the Read and Write Latencies trend for the selected system over time.

  • Throughput - The Throughput chart displays the read and write throughput at a five minute granularity over time. The color code indicates the read performance score of the selected storage system at the given point in time.

  • Workload Outliers - The Workload Outliers chart displays the outliers measured for the different categories over time. you can drill down the chart to specific hosts and volumes that are identified as outliers.

Factors contributing to peaks in System Read and Write Latency are indicated by markers around the duration. On moving your cursor over the factor markers, the top System and Workload factors are displayed. On click of a marker, a graph is displayed for each of the top factors that contributed to that peak in a frame following. The factors are displayed only for the 24-hour hi-res view.

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