Generating CSR (Quorum Witness)

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.

To set the CSR details:

  1. On the main menu, select Data Protection > Remote Copy Configurations > Manage Certificates.

    The Manage Quorum Witness Certificates dialog opens.

  2. Click Generate CSR option at the end of the Manage Quorum Witness Certificates dialog. You have to generate a CSR to import the Quorum Witness certificate on the storage system.

    A Set CSR Details dialog opens.

  3. Enter the required and optional details:
    • System: Displays the name of the storage system.

    • Common field: Fully qualified domain name of the storage system.

    • Organization: Legal name of the organization.

    • Organization unit: Division of the organization which handles the certificate.

    • Locality: Locality where the organization is located.

    • State: State where the organization is located.

    • Country: Two letter code for the country/region where the organization is located.

    • Subject Alternative Name (SAN): Provide either a valid DNS name or an IP address or both.

      • DNS: Valid DNS name.

      • IP: Valid IP address.

    • Email address: (Optional) Provide a valid email address. The option is a part of SAN.

  4. When you have completed your choices, click Ok to accept your choices and close the dialog; otherwise click Cancel.