RMC Instances screen

A list of HPE RMC applications which are added into HPE SSMC is displayed in the left pane. Select an HPE RMC application to display its details in the right pane or to perform an action on it.


Possible actions include:
  • + Add RMC Instance

  • Add, Edit, Remove

Selecting views

You can click the pin icon () at the top right of the list to open the list View menu. The list pane has a single view that shows the application name, type, and connection state.

The default detail view is Overview. This displays details such as name, type, connection state, connection description, IP address, version, patch version, user name, and time zone of the selected application.

Filtering and sorting

You can change the display of items by selecting a filter or by sorting on a column heading.

Learn more: List panes quick tour, Customizing list panes, Detail panes quick tour, Filters sidebar.