Failover Remote Copy group (File Provisioning Groups)

Failover action changes the Remote Copy group role on the target system from secondary to primary-rev.

Failover of a Remote copy Group includes:
  • Unmounting of File Provisioning groups in the Remote Copy group from the source storage system.

  • Stopping of the Remote Copy group and then failover of the same.

  • Mounting of File Provisioning groups in the Remote Copy group on the target storage system.

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.

  1. On the main menu, select File Persona > File Provisioning Groups.
  2. In the list pane, select an FPG, and then click Failover remote copy group on the Actions menu.

    The Failover remote copy group dialog opens.

  3. Displays the Remote Copy Groups in a tabular format with the following information:

    Name of the Remote Copy Group .


    Displays the Remote Copy configuration.

    Source System

    Name of the source storage system.

    DR State

    Displays the disaster recovery state for the Remote Copy Group.

    Writeable LUNs

    Name of the writeable LUN.

    Target System

    Name of the target storage system.

  4. When you have completed your choices, click Failover to start the action and close the dialog; otherwise click Cancel.