Manage Quotas

Grace Time

Accept or change the capacity and file grace times. Learn more: Quota soft limits and grace time.

List of Quotas

Select the type of quotas to manage: All, User, Group, or File Store.

You can filter the list by entering text in the Search box. When filtered, the list shows only the items that contain the search text in the list columns.

To specify a new quota for the virtual file server, click Add and follow the instructions on the dialog that opens.

To remove a quota from the list, click its delete icon (), or click), or click Remove and follow the instructions on the dialog that opens.

To refresh the data in the Quotas table, click Refresh Quotas. The current capacity and files information in the table may have stale data, as the option to periodically update the Quotas table was introduced in HPE SSMC 3.3.1. If a refresh operation is in progress, the option is not available. You can track the progress of a refresh task from the activities page.

Import Quotas opens a dialog to read a quota file and apply the quotas to the virtual file server.

Export Quotas opens a dialog to overwrite a destination file with quotas from the virtual file server.

When you have completed your choices, click OK to start the action and close the dialog.