Federation and Migration Configurations screen

A list of storage federations is displayed in the left pane. Select a federation to display its details in the right pane or to perform an action on it.


Some actions might not be available due to system configurations, user roles, or properties of the selected resource. Possible actions include:

  • + Create configuration

  • Create, Edit, Delete

  • Upgrade, Add migration source, Edit migration source, Remove migration source

  • Sync federation, Import configuration, Refresh external systems, Start Peer Motion

Learn more: Federation and Migration Configurations.

Selecting views

The pane has a single view that shows federations and the storage systems that are in each federation.

The default detail view is Overview. Other detail views include Peer Links, Recommended Zones, Activity, Zone, and Map.

Detail pane - Zone view

The detail pane of the Zone view:
  • Graphically displays the federation zoning between fabrics.

  • Highlights any missing ports/connections.

Example: A federation has four storage systems configured. Node 0s and Node 1s in the storage systems is connected to the Fabric A and Fabric B respectively. When you hover over the Fabric-B, the Node 1 connections are highlighted. Hovering over the individual ports, displays popup text boxes with port details, type, number, and WWN. If any of the nodes lack all the 8 VPorts zoned or have less than 8 VPorts created, the ports are marked in RED. Hovering over the ports displays text messages about the port or zoning configurations.\. In addition a yellow banner with message appears for any invalid port/zoning configurations.

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