Create Policy

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.

Select the policy type to create a Virtual volume or Snapshot policy as required.


HPE SSMC supports only snapshot and protection policies from HPE Storage OS 4.0.0 and later.

Tip: Select the Advanced options check box at the top of the dialog to specify CPG options such as Allocation warning, Allocation limit (when supported) and Special attributes options such as Stale snapshots and Restrict export to one host for Virtual volume policy.


Enter or select your choices for required and optional settings. To add a schedule for the Snapshot policy, click Add schedule. You can select an existing schedule or create a new schedule.

Similarly, you can choose an existing snapshot name pattern or click Add token to create a new name pattern.

Additional Settings

To specify settings such as the Copy CPG for Virtual volume policy, click the Volume expand icon ( ).

To specify Access permissions for the snapshot policy, click the Snapshot expand icon ( ).

When you have completed your choices, click Create to start the action and close the dialog, or click Create + to start the action and keep the dialog open.

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