Create Snapshot (virtual volume set)

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.


Enter or select your choices for required and optional settings.

Important: If you are creating a recurring schedule pattern, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you carefully consider your choice of the snapshot name. Learn more: Naming snapshots.

To create a snapshot or to assign a policy to create snapshots of the associated virtual volume set, you can make the appropriate selection in the Create snapshot field. You can choose to assign policy option only if a policy is not assigned already to the virtual volume set.

To create a snapshot now, accept the default schedule pattern Once now on the Schedule panel. To create a snapshot at another time, select Once later. Learn more: Specifying schedule patterns.

Additional Settings

To specify settings such as Access permissions, Volume ID, Retention time, Expiration time, and Comments, click the Snapshot expand icon (). If a policy is assigned to a virtual volume set when creating the snapshot, you cannot edit these options.

Create snapshot for an App Volume Set

You can create a snapshot for an app volume set using the associated virtual volume set. Select the Associated virtual volume set of the corresponding app volume set in the Overview screen. The corresponding associated virtual volume set appears in the virtual volume set screen. Create a snapshot for the associated virtual volume set by clicking Create snapshot from Actions menu.

When you have completed your choices, click Create to start the action and close the dialog.

Learn more: Snapshots (virtual copies).