Create Snapshot

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.


Enter or select your choices for required and optional settings.

Important: If you create a recurring schedule pattern, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you carefully consider your choice of the snapshot name. Learn more: Naming snapshots.

To create a snapshot using your own name pattern, select Custom for the Snapshot name pattern. Then click the edit icon () and follow the instructions on the dialog that opens.

Tip: Custom snapshot name patterns are associated with your user name.

To create a snapshot or to assign a policy to create snapshots of the associated virtual volume, you can make the appropriate selection in the Create snapshot field. You can choose to assign a policy in this case only if a policy is already not assigned to the virtual volume. However you can specify the Once option in the Create snapshot field irrespective of whether the virtual volume has a snapshot policy assigned to it or not.

To create a snapshot now, accept the default schedule pattern Once now on the Schedule panel. To create a snapshot at another time, select Once later. Learn more: Specifying schedule patterns.

Additional Settings

To specify settings such as Access permissions, Volume ID, Retention time, Expiration time, and Comments, click the Snapshot expand icon (). If a policy is assigned to a virtual volume when creating the snapshot, you cannot edit these options.

When you have completed your choices, click Create to start the action and close the dialog.

Learn more: Snapshots (virtual copies).