Convert Virtual Volumes

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.


The panel initially shows the storage system and virtual domain for the virtual volumes that you selected on the Virtual Volumes screen. You can select another storage system and virtual domain.

Virtual Volumes

The panel shows the conversion and retention options and a list of virtual volumes to be converted.

Tip: If you change the storage system, virtual domain, or conversion type, the list might be empty.

Select the Conversion type, and then enable or disable Dedup and Compression (if available). Learn more: Virtual volume provisioning, Virtual volume compression.

You can convert the virtual volumes only from Thin Provisioned to Dedup and compressed and back from HPE Storage OS 4.0.0 and later.

To add virtual volumes to the list, click Add virtual volumes and follow the instructions on the dialog that opens. To remove a virtual volume from the list, click its delete icon ().).

Select a retention type: Delete, Save and add prefix or suffix to name, or Save with new name.


Accept the default option Current CPG to save the converted virtual volume in the current common provisioning group, or select Move to another CPG.

When you have completed your choices, click Convert to start the action and close the dialog.