Restore Points screen

A list of restore points is displayed in the left pane. Select a restore point to display its details in the right pane or to perform an action on it.


Some actions might not be available due to system configurations, user roles, or properties of the selected resource. Possible actions include:

  • Attach, Detach

  • Restore

  • Delete

Selecting views

The list pane has a single view that shows restore point names, type, and creation time. The restore point type displays Snapshot, Snapshot set, Backup set, and Copy set. You can filter the restore points using type.

The default detail view is Overview. The other detail view is Exports.

Filtering and sorting

You can change the display of items by selecting a filter or by sorting on a column heading.

Learn more: List panes quick tour, Customizing list panes, Detail panes quick tour, Filters sidebar, Backup sets, Copy sets, Snapshot sets.