Select Clone

The Available volumes list shows the virtual volumes that you can use for the clone of the parent virtual volume. The volumes are not currently exported to a host and are the same size as (or larger than) the parent virtual volume.

Caution: All of the data on the virtual volume that you select for the clone will be overwritten with the data from the parent virtual volume.

Tip: Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you create a virtual volume that has the characteristics that you want for the clone prior to using the Create Clone dialog. This ensures that an appropriate virtual volume is available for selection.

You can filter the list by entering text in the Search box. When filtered, the list shows only the items that contain the search text in the list columns.

Select the virtual volume to be the clone of the parent virtual volume.

When you have completed your choice, click Select to accept the choice and close the dialog.

Learn more: Clones (physical copies).