Compact CPG

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.


The panel shows the storage system and virtual domain for the common provisioning groups that you selected on the Common Provisioning Groups screen. You can select another storage system and domain.


The panel shows common provisioning groups to be compacted. To add common provisioning groups to the list, click Add CPGs and follow the instructions on the dialog that opens. To remove a common provisioning group from the list, click its delete icon ().).


To compact the common provisioning groups now, accept the default schedule pattern Once now. To compact at another time, select Once later, Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Advanced, as appropriate. Learn more: Specifying schedule patterns.

Trim Settings

To optimize the compaction, accept the default Full, or you can select Trim. The amount of space that would be reclaimed by compaction is shown in the Details.

Tip: You might need to scroll down to view all of the details.

When you have completed your choices, click Compact to start the action and close the dialog.

Learn more: Common provisioning groups.