Storage Systems screen


Some actions might not be available due to system configurations, user roles, or properties of the selected resource. Possible actions include:

  • Accept certificate. Accept self-signed or CA-signed security certificates for storage systems. Learn more: Installing CA security certificates, Installing self-signed security certificates.

  • Add. Add storage systems to the storage systems list.

  • Connect. Connect storage systems to this instance of HPE SSMC. Establishing connections enables HPE SSMC to manage the storage systems.

  • Disconnect. Disconnect storage systems from this instance of HPE SSMC. The storage systems remain in the list, but this instance of HPE SSMC cannot manage the storage systems while they are disconnected.

  • Edit. Edit the security credentials for unconnected storage systems.

  • Remove. Remove storage systems from the storage systems list.

  • Preferences. Edit the preferences to configure SMTP.

  • Upgrade SSMC. Upgrade to a supported version of HPE SSMC.

You can change the display of items by selecting a filter or by sorting on a column heading. Learn more: Administrator Console Storage Systems screen quick tour, Filters sidebar.

To log out of the Administrator Console, click the (), and then select), and then select Logout and close.