Selecting System (App Volume Set)

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.

To navigate to App Volume Sets screen and select system to create and associate the virtual volumes to an app volume set, do the following:

  1. On the main menu, select Block Persona > App Volume Sets > Create App Volume Set.
  2. If you choose to associate new virtual volumes to an app volume set, select Create New Volumes option.
    When you select Create New Volumes option, HPE SSMC:
    • Creates TPVV volumes with the size you mention in the selected CPG, storage system, and HPE 3PAR domain.

    • Sets the copy CPG of the new virtual volumes identical as the CPG that you select.

  3. Enter or select your choices for required and optional settings.

    Virtual Volumes

    Number of volumes:

    Number of virtual volumes you want to create.


    Size of the virtual volume you want to create.

    The App Volume Set Members panel appears, only after you enter your choices in the fields available in Virtual Volumes panel. Enter your choices in the App Volume Set Members panel:
    Volume Name:

    Name for the virtual volume you want to create. After you select the storage system, HPE SSMC pre-populates the virtual volume names based on the name of the app volume set. You can use the suggested virtual volume names or change the virtual volume names.

    Virtual Size:

    Size of the virtual volume you want to create (in MiB, GiB, and TiB). You can change the size of the size of the individual virtual volumes depending on the requirement.

  4. You can select the system in which you want to create the virtual volumes by clicking Select System.

    A Select System nested dialog opens.

  5. You can filter the storage systems based on the selection of one of the available options:
    • All Flash Systems

    • Others


    The storage systems are ranked based on their saturation levels over a period of 7 days for the All flash Systems option. Free usable capacity for each storage system is shown. The saturation line graph (with both 7 days historical and forecasted saturation) for existing workloads is displayed for each selected storage system. You can choose the optimal storage system to create the app volume set and the associated virtual volumes using this information.

    For the Others option, all the non-all flash arrays are listed and ranked based on the free usable capacity.

    You can choose either the All flash system or the Others to create virtual volumes and associate the app volume set.

    You have to select the CPG from the displayed CPG list after the storage system selection is complete.

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