App Volume Sets

An application instance which runs on a host consuming storage from the virtual volumes of an HPE 3PAR storage system can be represented as an App Volume Set. You can manage the App Volume Sets resource from HPE SSMC. You can create or add existing virtual volumes which are part of an application instance to an app volume set. You can associate application properties like the instance name, type, and business unit to the App Volume Set. Adding a volume to an exported app set does not automatically export the new volume to the host or the host set. You have to manually export the new volume.

You can do various actions like create, edit, delete, export, and unexport an app volume set from the app volume sets screen. The App Volume Set detail pane include the following views: Overview, Capacity, Exports, Performance, Activity, Map. You can also perform the snapshot and peer motion operations for the app volume set through the corresponding virtual volume set screen.

App Volume Sets enables the storage system management to be more application aware and intelligent. You can create new virtual volumes in an optimal storage system based on the following information provided by HPE SSMC:
  • Storage system ranking.

  • Free usable capacity of the storage system.

  • Saturation historical data and forecasting graph.

The historical saturation data of seven days is considered for the forecast values. The storage system ranking is based on the saturation levels over a period of seven days. You can associate the newly created virtual volumes to an app volume set. The AppVolumeSet feature is only supported from HPE 3PAR OS version 3.2.2 MU6.