Creating App Volume Sets

An application instance which runs on a host consuming storage from the virtual volumes of an HPE 3PAR storage system can be represented as an App Volume Set. When you create an app volume set, HPE SSMC creates a VV Set inside the HPE 3PAR storage system. HPE SSMC stores the application properties applied for the VVset in the storage system. The resource enables the storage system management to be more application aware and intelligent.

You can hover over fields to display tooltips.

To navigate to App Volume Sets screen and create an app volume set, do the following:

  1. On the main menu, select Block Persona > App Volume Sets.
  2. Click + Create app volume set or select Create on the Actions menu.

    The Create App Volume Set dialog opens.

  3. Enter or select your choices for required and optional settings.



    Unique name for the app volume set. Name of the application instance consuming storage from the virtual volumes on the 3PAR storage system.


    Application for which you create the app volume set. Type of the application instance consuming storage from the virtual volumes on an HPE Primera and 3PAR Storage system.

    Business unit:

    Name of business unit where you place the app volume set.


    Any comments on the app volume set.

    Volume selection:

    You can select either Use Existing Volumes or Create New Volumes to create an app volume set.

    If you choose to use existing virtual volumes, follow the steps provided in Adding Virtual Volume (to App Volume Set).

    You can also choose to create new virtual volumes to associate with the app volume sets. You can enable or disable dedup and compression for the virtual volumes that are created during the creation of an app volume set. Based on the ranking using the storage system saturation score, you can select an optimal system on which you can create a new virtual volume. The Select System option appears in the App Volume Set Members panel, only after you enter the number of volumes and size fields in the Virtual Volumes panel. To select a storage system for creating the virtual volumes, see Selecting System (App Volume Set).

    After you select an optimal storage system, select a CPG from the available CPG list to create the virtual volumes.

    Additional Settings


    Assigning snapshot policy for the app volume set.

    • Snapshot policy: You can select an available snapshot policy and associate to the app volume set. You can also assign a snapshot policy for the virtual volumes you want to create for the app volume set. Snapshots are created for all the virtual volumes in the app volume set.


      The virtual volumes you want to add might already have a snapshot policy. If you are assigning a different snapshot policy to the app volume set which includes the virtual volumes, then the policy is applied to the virtual volumes which already have a different snapshot policy.

  4. When you have completed your choices, click Create to start the action and close the dialog, or click Create + to start the action and keep the dialog open.