Storage array overview

The sixth generation of the HPE StoreEasy 1000 Storage family uses P-Class HPE Smart Array controllers to organize physical drives into a hardware-based redundant array of inexpensive drives (RAID). They enable flexible capacity expansion, resiliency configuration, and the data security that modern file servers need. RAID arrays are named "Storage arrays" in the HPE StoreEasy management tools. RAID configurations list the recommended RAID levels.

Two types of storage arrays can be created using the HPE StoreEasy management console:
Standard storage array

A storage array where HPE StoreEasy selects the physical drives and the best RAID level using HPE best practice guidelines for optimal performance.

Custom storage array

A storage array where you select the physical drives and the RAID level.


Do not use the Windows Server Manager to create storage arrays on a sixth generation HPE StoreEasy 1000 system. It creates a Storage Spaces RAID configuration, which is not supported by this generation. Use of a Storage Spaces RAID configuration could put the integrity and availability of your data at risk.