HPE StoreEasy Storage system overview

The sixth generation HPE StoreEasy 1000 Storage system is an easy-to-manage, centralized space for securely storing documents, images, audio, video files, and other user or application generated file data. The system is tailored for file storage. The system is built with ProLiant Gen10 hardware and Windows Storage Server 2016. Some of the features of the system include:

  • Preconfigured hardware and operating system

    The sixth generation of HPE StoreEasy 1000 models include:
    • HPE StoreEasy 1460–A getting started rack mount to consolidate storage.

    • HPE StoreEasy 1560–A getting started tower to consolidate storage.

    • HPE StoreEasy 1660–Capacity-optimized rack mount for growing the number of users and their files, bulk data, and application workloads.

    • HPE StoreEasy 1860–Performance-optimized rack mount for growing the number of users and their files and application workloads.

    The system provides multiprotocol file sharing and application storage for a range of business environments. For example, the HPE StoreEasy 1460 and 1560 platforms are ideal for small businesses or work groups or a remote office. The HPE StoreEasy 1660 and 1860 can accommodate medium-sized and large IT environments.

  • Guided setup

    The system has a task-driven installation wizard which provides fast deployment. A network configuration validation tool guides the initial setup of your system.

  • HPE StoreEasy management console

    The HPE StoreEasy management console enables you to manage, monitor, and provision your storage resources. The management console also provides all-in-one file storage management and easy-to-follow management workflows. The dashboard provides a centralized, at a glance view of the health. utilization, and performance of your system.

    Through the management console, you create and manage file shares, volumes, logical drives, storage arrays, directory quotas, and other file storage resources. You can monitor activities and events. You can define directory quota templates, set user permissions, and create snapshot schedules. You can perform storage administrative tasks such as updating the management console, updating the Internet proxy settings, managing credentials, or shutting down or rebooting the system.

    Windows PowerShell can also be used to manage and monitor your HPE StoreEasy resources.

  • Built-in security protections

    The system has security protections such as:

    • Lock screen password enforcement.

    • Sensitive file protection with access controls and policies.

    • A lockable bezel that blocks access to hardware components.

    • Drive encryption to ensure that only users with the encryption key can read the data.

    • File system encryption, file classification, and dynamic access controls make sure that only authorized users can access files.