Logical drives properties

Properties Description


The user-friendly name of the logical drive set by the controller. The name cannot be modified.


Health state of the logical drive. The overall health status of a logical drive reflects the health of the associated storage array. For example, if the storage array is critical, the logical drive is critical.
  • Healthy: The logical drive is healthy.

  • Warning:The logical drive is in a state that requires interaction before further execution. In most cases, a warning represents the degraded, stressed, aborted, dormant, relocating, detached, or incomplete state.

  • Unhealthy: Indicates that the logical drive requires attention.

  • Unknown: This status of the logical drive is unknown. The unknown error occurs if there is a loss of communication or if the state is unknown.


The amount of storage provisioned on the host as a logical drive. The maximum size is based on the available array size. The minimum size is 40 MiB.

Available Size

The available size that can be used to create a volume or to expand an existing volume.


The name of the array associated with this logical drive.


If there is only one volume associated with the logical drive, then the name of the volume is provided.

For multiple volumes, the number of volumes on this logical drive is provided.