Directory quotas overview

A directory quota allows storage administrators to set limits on disk space usage by directories (folders) or volumes. A quota set on a directory applies to all users who store files in the specified directory. Quotas can be set on NTFS file systems.

Storage administrators can:
  • Create quotas to limit the space allowed for a volume or directory.

  • Generate actions such as emails, reports, or scripts when the thresholds are approached or exceeded. Multiple thresholds can be defined.

In HPE StoreEasy, you create a directory quota from a directory quota template. If a storage administrator wants to set a quota on a file share, it can be done when creating or editing the file share. If a directory quota is set on a shared folder directory, that quota applies to all subdirectories. But, if quotas are set on the subdirectories, a file share can have multiple directory quotas.

When defining a directory quota template, multiple thresholds can be set so that actions are executed when the threshold limit is reached or exceeded.