Directory quota templates properties

Properties Description
Template name

The unique name of the directory quota template. Use the name to easily identify the template. For example, "Monitor 200 GiB volume usage", "200 MiB limit reports to user", or "Marketing users 100 GiB".

Up to 255 characters can be used, including:`~!@#%^&*()_-+={}\:;<>?/

The restricted characters for use are: '|.,"

When creating a directory quota template in the management console, a default name is generated based on the set capacity limit. The name can be changed.

Description (Optional) The user-defined description for the directory quota template. Add any additional information that was not included in the template name.
Quota Type

The quota type determines whether to limit or monitor the capacity.

Hard Quota (Limit capacity): This quota type prevents users from exceeding the quota limit. Users are not allowed to store data beyond what has been allowed in the quota. Hard quotas are used for controlling space usage.

Soft Quota or Soft Limit (Monitor capacity): This quota type allows users to exceed the quota limit. Soft quotas are used when space usage does not need to be enforced. Use this quota type to trigger actions when a capacity threshold is met or to monitor usage.

Capacity Limit (Size)

The maximum allowable capacity for the volume or folder. SMB users see the capacity limit while NFS users see the total capacity. See Directory quota management for NFS file shares.

Thresholds (Optional) A value used to identify when space consumption reaches a certain limit. Thresholds are optional. But if a threshold is defined, the threshold % and one trigger action must be defined. A directory quota template can have multiple thresholds. Each threshold can have one or more trigger actions (up to four).

Threshold (%)

The percentage of the capacity limit when an action is triggered. For example, if the capacity limit is 100 MiB, to trigger an action when 85 MiB of the space is used, set the threshold percentage to 85%.

The maximum percentage is 250%. The minimum percentage is 1%.

Trigger Actions
The threshold actions that are triggered when the directory quota reaches the defined threshold level. At least one action is required.
  • Send Email—If this setting is enabled, an email is sent to specified users when the threshold limit is reached. You can customize the message.

  • Log Event—If this setting is enabled, an event is logged when the threshold limit is reached. You can customize the message.

  • Run Command—If this setting is enabled, the specified command is run when the threshold limit is reached. The scripts must be copied to the C:\Windows\HPE\StoreEasy\Scripts folder.

  • Create Report—If this setting is enabled, the selected reports are sent to the specified users when the threshold limit is reached. Some example reports are: duplicate files, large files, files by owner, files by group, or file audit.

The send email and log event options provide the ability to customize the message through the use of variables.

More than one action can be configured for each threshold and multiple thresholds can be defined for any directory quota.