Directory quota templates overview

A directory quota template is a reusable definition of directory quota settings that can be applied to a directory. The directory quota template defines the following settings:
  • The limit on storage space

  • The type of quota

  • Optionally, the action that is executed when the quota reaches a defined threshold level.

Templates streamline the creation of new directory quotas. You can create multiple directory quotas based on the same template. Use directory quota templates to centrally manage your directory quotas so that you update the templates instead of changing each directory quota. Directory quota templates help simplify the implementation of storage allocation policy changes.

For example, company policy states that each user on the Marketing team is allocated 100 GiB of storage in a unique subdirectory of the marketing directory. Instead of creating a quota for each subdirectory, create a "Marketing 100 GiB" template and apply the template to every subdirectory of the Marketing team.

When you change a directory quota template, you have the option of applying those changes to directory quotas that were created from the original template. You can choose to modify only those directory quotas that still match the template or all directory quotas that were originally created from the original template, regardless of any modifications that were made to the directory quotas since they were created.

When managing directory quota templates on NFS file shares, see Directory quota management for NFS file shares.