Locating a physical drive using the HPE StoreEasy management console

UID LED lights can be used to identify and locate specific physical drives in your HPE StoreEasy system. A UID LED light can be turned on or off using the management console. Multiple UID LEDs can be turned on simultaneously. Each UID LED turns off automatically in an hour, by default.

There are many reasons to locate a physical drive. For example, a physical drive is unhealthy and must be checked for loose connections. Or the drive must be replaced. The UID LED light makes it much easier and faster to find the specific drive, especially in high-density rack environments.

  1. Select Storage Subsystems from the main navigation menu in the management console and select Physical Drives.
  2. Select the physical drive.
    1. If the light is off, click Turn UID on to turn it on.
      The UID light on the physical drive turns blue.
    2. If the light is on, click Turn UID off to turn it off.
      The UID light on the physical drive has no color.