Recovering snapshots using hidden snapshot folders on NFS

When setting up NFS shares on the StoreEasy system Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends configuring NFS shares using mapped users. From an NFS client with the appropriate rights configured, you can recover a file or files from a snapshot created by the Windows operating system from the client interface. Check with your network administrator to verify whether your network configuraiton supports recovering snapshots in this manner.

When the system creates an NFS share snapshot, it stores a link a link to the snapshot in the root directory for the NFS share.

  1. From the NFS client where the NFS share is mounted, list the directory of the NFS share root path using one of the following commands:
    ll -a
    ls -al

    The output from the command displays the hidden files and directories as shown in the following example. The directories for the snapshots begin with .@<timezone followed by the date and time stamp.

  2. To restore a file from one of the snapshots, use the following command:
    cp /mnt/<nfs_share>/.@GMT-<date_and_time_stamp>/<nfs_share_dir>/nfs_file_name> <.@GMT-<date_and_time_stamp>/<local_dir>/<local_file_name>.rcr

    To edit a file, you must move it to a different location, because while on the NFS share, the files are read only.

  3. To verify that the restored file is available in your working directory, enter the following command:
    ls -al