Directory quota properties

Property Description

The path or folder where the directory quota is applied, for example, D:\Shares\ABC. You can also use a mount point folder path instead of a drive letter.

You can only set one quota on the same path. If a directory quota is set on a shared folder directory, that quota applies to all subdirectories. But, if quotas are set on the subdirectories, a file share can have multiple directory quotas.

Up to 255 characters including special characters. Upper and lowercase letters are considered the same. For example, "50 gib limit" is the same as "50 GiB Limit".

Limit The maximum amount of storage that can be used on the specified path. The recommended maximum file system size is 16 TiB, which is based upon the limits of the NTFS file system.
Type The quota type determines whether to limit or monitor the capacity.

Hard Quota (Limit capacity): This quota type prevents users from exceeding the quota limit. Users are not allowed to store data beyond what has been allowed in the quota. Hard quotas are used for controlling space usage.

Soft Quota or Soft Limit (Monitor capacity): This quota type allows users to exceed the quota limit. Soft quotas are used when space usage does not need to be enforced. Use this quota type to trigger actions when a capacity threshold is met or to monitor usage.

Template Name The name of the directory quota template, if the directory quota is created from a template. Otherwise, the name is blank.
Utilization The current storage capacity used and the capacity limit. For soft quotas, the current storage capacity can be higher than the capacity limit.
Thresholds (Optional)
A value used to identify when space consumption reaches a certain limit. A threshold consists of two parts:
  • Percentage—The percentage of the capacity limit when an action is triggered.

    The maximum percentage is 250%. The minimum percentage is 1%.

  • Action—The actions that are triggered when the directory quota reaches the defined threshold level. At least one action is required.

    • Email—An email message that is sent to administrators or specific users.

    • Event—An event log entry is created.

    • Command—A script or command is executed.

    • Report—The selected reports are generated.

For example, if the capacity limit is 100 MiB, to trigger an action when 85 MiB of the space is used, set the threshold percentage to 85%.

A directory quota can have multiple thresholds. Each threshold can have one or more trigger actions (up to four).